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2018 Tequila Herradura
Legends Winners

Tequila Herradura presented a challenge to bartenders from around the country: Create an innovative new Horseshoe Margarita that’s also true to the classic recipe. After sorting through countless recipes and hosting 19 live competitions, 38 Horseshoe Margaritas—and their crafty inventors—were selected. Get to know the bartenders who made the winning Margaritas.

Herradura's Story

Making the world's best tequila is all about the details and doing things the right way. At Tequila Herradura, it's the way we've been doing it for the past 145 years.

Evaluating Entries

Initial scores will be based on the interpretation of the written description submitted. You will display breadth and aptitude as a professional bartender over the course of the competition.

Taste, Flavor and Balance

Presentation and Appeal

Creativity and Originality

Thoughtful use of Ingredients

Intelligent use of Herradura

Relevance and Appearance

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